New Orleans Food and Drinks

Southern Comfort FoodThe Big Easy is world famous for its food and drinks. From Southern comfort food, to foods with a French flair, New Orleans offers a wide diversity with its culinary offerings. Cafe Du Monde is famous for its freshly baked beignets and chicory coffee. And of course no Southern city would be complete without its fried food! From fried catfish to fried alligator, everything tastes a little better fresh out of the fryer. New Orleans also plays host to restaurants that offer French food, such as gigantic sandwiches called Muffalettas. There are also yearly food festivals featuring fresh food from the Gulf Coast, such as crawfish, oysters, clams, and a variety of sea fish. 20140429_144854

For those who enjoy a good alcoholic beverage, New Orleans is home to the world famous “Hand Grenade.” This is a patented drink that is only sold 2 places in the world, Tropical Isle and The Funky Pirate. Both of these bars are on the infamous Bourbon Street. Along with Hand Grenades, you can also try more traditional southern drinks, such as Hurricanes, Pina Coladas, and Daiquiris. New Orleans is also home to several breweries and local wineries, for those with more refined tastes.


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